Join Haunting Nights at the rarely investigated Hexham Old Gaol in Hexham Northumberland

Ghost hunts at the Old Gaol in Hexham are rare with only a handful of investigations ever taken place.

A night of exploration and investigation as we attempt to communicate with those who remain within the walls of Hexham Old Gaol

With so many chilling tale and ghostly sightings Haunting Nights just have to take you on an overnight ghost hunt to Northumberland and Hexham Old Gaol

Set in the historic Tyne Valley Hexham Gaol was the first ever purpose built prison in England, built in the early 1300s by order of the Archbishop of York in an attempt to bring some law and order to Hexhamshire

In the 1500s the prisoners who were already suffering the harsh, cruel and cramped conditions became victims of the plague causing many deaths within the prison walls from which their torturous ending resonates today

In the 1800s the prison doors finally closed, following 500 years of incarceration, torture, murder and death

The living may have long gone but the poor unfortunate souls who endured these harrowing conditions remain chilling screams, agonising moans have been heard the figure of a hunch back is seen to stumble around but we have yet to find out who he is we just know he is not the most pleasant soul in many ways.

Following footsteps, objects moving, even vanishing only to appear later on a completely different floor

Will you be joining Haunting Nights on a night of discovery as we attempt to find out who is haunting Hexham Old Gaol ?



Event Facts

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  • Duration:

    3 days
  • Activity:

    Ghost Hunt
  • Scare Factor:

Ghost Hunts UK
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What's Included

During the night you will have the chance to use various methods of ghost hunting to include, Victorian seances, Ouija boards, table tipping and glass moving as well as the more up to date methods

Tea/coffee and squash along with crisps and biscuits will be available.

Free parking available on site.

Wear warm layered clothing as it gets cold throughout the night.

Flat Gripped Footwear to be worn.

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