New and Exclusive Ghost Hunt To Haunting Nights, Willsbridge Mill hidden away in the forest of Kingswood Chase

Just a short drive from one of our guests most popular location, The Warmly Clock Tower is Willsbridge Mill

The Village of Willsbridge is set on the old roman road between Bristol and Bath in South Gloucestershire

Haunting Nights have been invited to investigate who is haunting this old mill hidden away in the ancient royal hunting forest known as Kingswood Chase

Join the team this October on the very first public ghost hunt at this ancient mill on the outskirts of Bristol

The earliest recorded mention of Willsbridge Mill dates back to the 16th century.  At that time, the mill was primarily used for grinding grain into flour. It was ideally situated on the River Boyd, which provided a steady source of water to power the mill’s machinery.

Staff and visitors to the mill experience frequent and unexplained happenings, shadowy figures or full-bodied apparitions within the mill. These sightings are often described as fleeting or vanishing quickly.

Unexplained sounds, such as footsteps, voices, or machinery operating, have been reported when there is no logical source for such noises. Some people have also claimed to hear whispering or crying sounds.

Sensations of sudden drops in temperature or localized cold spots have been experienced by individuals in various areas of the mill. These cold spots are often associated with feelings of unease or a sense of being watched.

Objects supposedly move on their own or get rearranged without any logical explanation suggesting poltergeist activity.

Many people visiting the mill have reported feelings of being watched, followed, or an overall sense of unease or discomfort. Some individuals have even reported feeling touched or pushed by unseen forces.

There have been several untimley deaths at Willsbridge Mill with Betty a former mill worker who committed suicide within the mill said to be the cause of much activity

The Mill is hidden away in the ancient forest and within the grounds of the mill are the ruins of an old villa where there is evidence that Black arts and rituals have taken place, could this account for some of the unexplained occurences experienced in this part of the mills grounds?

Willsbridge Mill is a historic watermill located in Willsbridge, South Gloucestershire, England. Its history dates back several centuries, and it has played a significant role in the local community and the industrial development of the region.

Over the centuries, Willsbridge Mill changed hands several times. In the 17th century, it was owned by the Creswicke family, who made significant improvements to the mill, including the addition of a new waterwheel. The Creswickes also expanded the mill’s operations to include the production of paper.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Willsbridge Mill experienced further growth and modernization. It was acquired by the Hill family, who transformed it into a thriving industrial complex. The mill was expanded to include a pottery, a fulling mill, and a sawmill. Additionally, a new waterwheel was installed to increase production capacity.

The 19th century was a particularly prosperous period for Willsbridge Mill. It played a vital role in supplying local communities with flour, paper, and other essential goods. The mill’s success was partly due to its strategic location near Bristol, a major port city and industrial center at the time.

However, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of steam-powered machinery, water-powered mills like Willsbridge Mill began to decline. The introduction of steam engines made it possible to operate mills and factories in areas without access to waterways. As a result, many watermills went out of business or were converted to other uses.

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    Ghost Hunt
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What's Included

During your night you will be taking part in various methods of Ghost Hunting  using Ouija boards, table tipping, glass divination, Psychic seances and along with modern day ghost hunting techniques.

Tea/coffee and squash along with crisps and biscuits will be available.

Parking is available on site

Wear warm layered clothing as it can get cold throughout the night.

Wear flat gripped footwear.

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  • Willsbridge Mill Ghost Hunt Bristol Gloucestershire
    20th July 2024 - 21st July 2024

    21:00 - 02:00

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    Willsbridge Mill Ghost Hunt Bristol Gloucestershire
    14th September 2024 - 15th September 2024

    21:00 - 02:00

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