Published: September 27th 2021

The Hauntings Of Pembrey Woods with Haunting Nights

There have been too many local reports and sightings over the years to dismiss, a cursed pilot, ghostly cries from the sand dunes and beach beyond this terrifying woodland

The area is also known for what the locals call the “little hatchet men of Pembrey” who would lure ships with their lanterns close to a coast line that was filled with dangerous rocks, ultimately wrecking the ships.

The little hatchet men would then slaughter the survivors and steal everything of value

During the 19th century, gun powder and dynamite was produced in the forest.

Close by, was a RAF airfield and during the second world war, many damaged planes crashed in the area trying to make it back to base.

Many ghostly figures are seen roamingĀ  the forest, dunes and beach as well as on the shores, from the little hatchet men to the ghost of a second world war air man who carries a curse, people have also seen ghost ships with dead sailors onboard.

Join Haunting Nights in Pembrey, Lanelli, South Wales as we go in search of the hauntings of Pembry Woods

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