Join Haunting Nights on a ghost hunt at the Elizabethan House in Great Yarmouth

An overnight ghost hunt at this haunted Mansion is a rare occurrence and one not to be missed

A hauntingly magnificent former merchants house was built around 500 years ago and has been the residence of no less than fourteen families, all leaving their mark and some are still said to wander the hallways and landings of this enchanting building

The Elizabethan House on The Quay in Great Yarmouth has links to Oliver Cromwell, many secret meetings took place and where the fate of King Charles I was sealed!

Ghostly figures in period dress can be a shocking sight in the dead of night, playful children are heard as echos of the past resonate around the upper floors.
The sound running footsteps and slamming doors are often heard but the cause is never found

Numerous ghosts and spirits are said to still reside in this chilling home. Some welcoming, but some not so!

Dating back to the 16th century, the Elizabethan House is a striking example of the distinctive architectural style that flourished during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. With its timber-framed façade and intricate period details, the house exudes an air of antiquity and grandeur, transporting visitors back in time to an era of opulence and intrigue. As you step across the threshold, you can almost feel the echoes of the past reverberating through its hallowed halls, setting the stage for encounters with the otherworldly.

Mysterious Occurrences and Ghostly Encounters

Legend has it that the Elizabethan House harbors a host of restless spirits, whose spectral presence has been witnessed by countless individuals over the years. From ethereal apparitions to inexplicable sounds and unexplained phenomena, the house has garnered a reputation as a hotbed of paranormal activity, drawing enthusiasts of the supernatural in search of spine-tingling experiences.


One of the most infamous tales revolves around the ghostly figure of a woman, said to wander the corridors in search of her lost love. Visitors have reported fleeting glimpses of her spectral form, accompanied by an inexplicable chill in the air and an overwhelming sense of melancholy. Others have recounted hearing disembodied whispers and phantom footsteps echoing through the empty chambers, adding to the mystique that enshrouds the Elizabethan House.

Unlocking the Mysteries

For those brave enough to embark on a ghost adventure, a visit to the Elizabethan House offers a rare opportunity to immerse oneself in the enigmatic world of the supernatural.

As the sun sets over the horizon and the shadows lengthen, the Elizabethan House awaits, ready to unveil its haunting secrets to those who dare to seek them out.

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    6 hours
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    Ghost Hunt
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Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunts UK Ghost Hunt
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What's Included

Your event includes working with the Haunting Nights Team

During your night you will be taking part in various methods of Ghost Hunting to include Ouija boards, table tipping, glass divination, Psychic seances and along with modern day ghost hunting techniques.

Tea/coffee and squash along with crisps and biscuits will be available.

Local street parking is available Just a few minutes walk away

Wear warm layered clothing as it can get cold throughout the night.

Wear flat gripped footwear.

Pricing, Dates & Availability

  • 10 Places Available
    Elizabethan House Ghost Hunt Great Yarmouth
    5th October 2024 - 6th October 2024

    20:00 - 02:00

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